DIY Mediation FAQ

DIY Mediation is a practical conflict resolution toolkit.  It combines four key skills and a simple step by step process, enabling you to resolve workplace conflict using a mediation style approach. By nipping conflict in the bud you prevent the damage and cost of conflict escalation.

DIY Mediation was created to support managers, particularly HR managers in resolving low level workplace conflict.

The DIY Mediation approach can be learned and applied by anyone but it is ideally suited to HR Professionals who need to resolve low level conflict themselves or support line managers in doing so.

There are three options to learn DIY Mediation. You can learn online here, from the book ‘DIY Mediation. The Conflict Resolution Toolkit for HR’ or contact us for details of our Masterclass training which can be held in-house.

This is the online option for learning DIY Mediation and comprises 15 5-10 minute videos to learn at your own pace, plus 5 demonstration videos and a range of support tools to enable you to put DIY Mediation quickly into practice.

The videos in the learning series last in total about 2 hours.

As there is so much information to digest in the videos we recommend learning is done over a number of sessions and not in one sitting.

You can buy our DIY Mediation online learning series here.

After you’ve finished the learning series videos you can take our online assessment.  Complete it successfully  and you can download a DIY Mediation Certificate of Completion.

Yes.  Please contact us here to let us know your requirements and we can send you the information.

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