Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations

We all experience at some point in our careers situations where we need to speak with someone and we know that the conversation is going to be 'difficult'. Perhaps it is a tricky performance appraisal, or a colleague who is annoying you, or you need to address someone's inappropriate behaviour. Handled badly these can easily escalate and result in conflict. As a manager you may have to deal with conflict in your team - but how do you go about it?

This half-day workshop gives you a good understanding of how to address these kind of situations, using practical tools and techniques.

Through participating in this workshop you will be able to

  • Understand signs of conflict and different responses to it
  • Understand how people can be difficult
  • Hold an effective ‘difficult conversation’ using the AGREE structure
  • Consider the various options on how to address conflict
  • Apply AGREE to nip conflict between others in the bud
  • Be aware of additional support available

Contact us here if you would like to discuss running this workshop for your team.

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