Conflict Resilience in the Workplace

We all come across conflict in our daily lives.  If not resolved it causes pain, stress and frustration.  The workplace is no different and throughout our careers we are going to encounter situations where there is some form of conflict.  So how do we ensure we are prepared to deal with conflict when it arises?  

This half day workshop ensures you have the understanding and tools to be resilient in the face of actual or potential workplace conflict.

In the workshop you will gain an understanding of:

  • What conflict is, how it arises and the consequences of escalation
  • How people respond to conflict including awareness of your personal conflict style
  • Tools and resources that develop conflict resilience and prevent conflict arising

Contact us here if you would like to run this workshop for your team.

Feedback from previous Conflict Resilience workshop attendees:

"Good, enjoyable, useful and realised we all have options."

"Engaging, well presented. Clear and at a good pace."

"I found the teaching style very effective.  The role-playing style of presenting made the session and tools memorable."

"The presenters were very knowledgeable and clear in their presentation."

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