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Mediation4 enables you to manage conflict successfully, through our expert workplace mediation support or by helping you 'do it yourself'.

Supporting you to resolve workplace conflict

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My purpose at Mediation4 is to help you to resolve workplace conflict. 

For over a decade Mediation4 has been supporting organisations to avoid and manage the harm that workplace conflict can cause.

  • As a highly experienced professional workplace mediator and conflict coach I provide conflict resolution services to a wide range of organisations.

  • My DIY Mediation training enables HR professionals and line managers to learn the skills and process they need to address low level conflict.

  • I provide a wide range of resources, including several published books, to help people understand and resolve workplace conflict.


Contact me, Marc Reid, to discuss your workplace conflict needs. 

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How we Can Help You

We offer a professional mediation service that helps restore working relationships, resolve harmful disputes and avoid the damaging cost that conflict can cause.

Nipping conflict in the bud is the key to effective conflict management. Our DIY Mediation training provides the tools to enable HR professionals and managers to tackle conflict with confidence.

Our conflict coaching service enables individuals to tackle interpersonal conflict more effectively by taking them through a structured one-to-one process.

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