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Marc Reid has written or contributed to five published books:


Marc Reid's latest book provides a variety of tools and models to assist the coach, mediator, line manager or whoever is supporting the process of conflict resolution. The 30 tools are a varied selection including well-known models, some lesser known ones and tools developed by the author. Further information is available here - how to purchase the book and how to purchase the high resolution images of the 30 tools.

DIY Mediation.
The Conflict Resolution Toolkit for HR

This books guides you through the skills, processes and tools of DIY Mediation. Written by Marc Reid and based on the training we have been running for many years, the book enables you to be competent and confident enough to nip low level conflict in the bud. More detail on the book and how to buy it here.


8 Stages of Workplace Conflict.
And how best to resolve each stage

This book, co-authored by Marc and Kathy Reid, identifies 8 stages of workplace conflict and the intervention options that might be most appropriate at each stage. To bring all 8 conflict stages to life the book uses a realistic case scenario illustrating each stage. More detail on the book, including how you can download it for free here.


The Future of Work.
Practical people strategies for business leaders.

This is a collaboration of 10 experienced HR professionals, giving their expert insight into various aspects of the future of work. The focus is on providing practical tools and strategies that can be easily applied in the workplace. Marc Reid has contributed a chapter on 'Managing employee conflict in tomorrow's workplace'. The book is available as eBook and paperback from Amazon.


Good Work Good Business.
Practical people strategies for a changing world.

This is another collaboration following the success of The Future of Work. 11 expert people professionals contribute a chapter each on an area of people strategy in the context of an ever changing world. Written during the 2020 lockdown the book includes a chapter from Marc Reid on 'Workplace conflict in a changing world - and how to deal with it'. Available as eBook and paperback from Amazon.

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