Six More of the Best! More top online mediation resources

Back in February I published a blog entitled ‘Six of the Best’ where I picked out some of my favourite free online mediation resources.  I must say it was a struggle to get it down to six and the response to the blog was so positive that I thought I’d add another six in this latest blog.  Hope you enjoy them!

1. (

If you’re looking for one place to go to find out something about mediation, then is the best place to start.  The site was founded way back in 1996 and in the intervening years has accumulated thousands of articles and other useful information on all aspects of mediation.  A definite favourite of mine are the weekly blogs posted by some of the foremost names in mediation.  Sign up to the free weekly email and you’ll receive all the latest articles and blogs – and if you really like it you can subscribe as a Premium Member for some added benefits.  There is a strong United States bias so it is not so useful if you are looking for information that is specific to a different country but otherwise the breadth of information is unrivalled.  If you want to find out more about Jim Melamed, the founder and CEO, see his interview on the Conflict Specialists Show (see number 4 below).

2. Mediator Academy (

In my first ‘Six of the Best’ was Pattie Porter’s ‘Texas Conflict Coach’ radio show.  Pattie has produced some great audio interviews and Mediator Academy (like the Conflict Specialists Show) has managed to go the next step and produce video interviews.  Mediator Academy has been set up fairly recently by UK mediator Aled Davies.  Aled’s ambition in setting up the site is to combine his passions of mediation, entrepreneurship and mutual learning.  I would say he’s done an excellent job, managing to secure interviews with some top notch guests including John Sturrock, Eve Pienaar and Neil Denny.  Being a non lawyer, UK based mediator myself I was particularly interested in the interview with David Richbell who gives a brilliant account of his path to establishing himself in the world of mediation.  Also I can recommend taking a look at Aled’s own fascinating background and find out how you can go from diamond mining in Angola to becoming a mediator!

3. Building a Mediation Practice – Article by David Richbell  (

As I’ve just mentioned David Richbell in ‘number 2’ it seems appropriate to put his article on Building a Mediation Practice next.  I’m often approached by individuals who are thinking about starting mediation and have put together some useful links which I send them.  This article is one of them as it sets out some excellent practical, down-to-earth advice on what is needed to develop a mediation business.  It is only 2.5 pages long but packed with great insight and it doesn’t pull any punches about how tough it can be to develop a successful practice.  Here is a flavour: “There are a lot of accredited Mediators out there who have little or no work... Very few are able to generate enough income from commercial mediation to be self-supporting.”  The article is from 2007 but in my view David’s words are as relevant today as they were 6 years ago.

4. Conflict Specialists Show ( specialists

In a similar way to Aled Davies’s Mediator Academy, Dave Hilton has set up a video show where he interviews key figures from the world of conflict engagement.  Dave is a mediator but also has a background in broadcasting which he uses to good effect to produce some great interviews.  He’s been producing nearly one a week since October 2012 so there is already a wealth of material available online.  Dave is US based but he doesn’t limit himself geographically and in fact has gone out of his way to give an international flavour – so if you’ve ever wondered about mediation in places such as Italy, Romania, China and several other countries, take a look at Dave’s ‘international series’.  A personal favourite is the interview with one of the ‘godfathers’ of mediation, Ken Cloke.  Another great feature of the Conflict Specialists Show is the audio only option – so if you don’t fancy sitting watching a video for an hour or so you can download the audio and listen to it at your leisure.

5. Mediation Digest (

In a similar way to Mediation Digest seeks to give current news, articles, events etc. on mediation related topics.  Whilst is more heavily US weighted, the focus of Mediation Digest is conflict resolution in Ireland and the UK.  The website is the work of Brendan Donaghy and he uses his 12 years plus experience in mediation to pick out news stories relating to conflict resolution and in particular mediation.  Brendan has an eye for some of the more ‘off the wall’ stories – I particularly liked the one entitled ‘Mediation needed – get the bishop on the phone…’  Mediation Digest also welcomes article submissions and the site has built up a good collection of articles and book reviews.  There are also some useful downloads – not least Jonathan Dingle and Judith Kelbie’s ‘The Mediator Handbook 2013/14’.  This is a comprehensive and up to date guide to mediation… and is completely free!

6. CEDR Mediation Audit (

One of the problems for anyone seeking to understand the mediation market in the UK is the dearth of reliable market data.  The CEDR Mediation Audit is probably the most comprehensive piece of research into the UK civil and commercial mediation market.  The survey looks at mediation numbers and mediator data on practice and experience, professional standards and regulation, and priorities for the future.  One of the major advantages of the audit are the trends as it has been run five times now.  A particular area of interest are the fees of mediators and they show a wide variation!  Whilst useful, the audit is limited in the sense that it only covers the commercial / civil areas of mediation and is restricted by relying on the responses of individual mediators.  However, the trends are clear and there are some very interesting conclusions, not least that whilst demand continues to grow, that demand is captured by a core group of ‘big names’ – a challenge to the rest of us maybe?

So those are six more of my favourite resources.  I always like to hear of any great resources out there and I’m sure there are lots I’ve missed - if you know of any please do drop me a line at