DIY Mediation Masterclass

Our next open Masterclass will run in 2018. Contact us if you are interested in attending.

Our DIY Mediation Masterclass is a one day workshop with Marc Reid, training you in the skills, process and tools of DIY Mediation.  We include role play practice and feedback to ensure you are ready to put your DIY Mediation skills into practice.  The workshop is aimed primarily at HR professionals but is open to anyone.

Our next open DIY Mediation Masterclass will run in 2018 - contact us if you would like express an interest in attending.  We regularly run the DIY Mediation Masterclass in-house for HR teams.  If you would be interested in a workshop for your company we'd be happy to discuss this with you.

Workshop Overview:

The workshop covers the following:

  • Understanding conflict and approaches to dealing with conflict. 
  • Learning the skills and process of DIY Mediation to resolve conflict using the AGREE framework.
  • Practical application through structured roleplay of the process and techniques of DIY Mediation, with observation and feedback.

Our emphasis is very much on practical application using work based scenarios and role play to practice the skills and process of DIY Mediation. 

We intersperse lecture style presentation with group / individual exercises, video demonstrations based on interactive case studies and role play.  Each member of the group will have the opportunity to be the person leading the meeting to resolve the conflict with feedback provided by the trainers.

The training is the just the start of applying DIY Mediation so we provide extensive support materials and mentoring to enable you to translate what you have learned into practical application back in the workplace. 

Workshop Logistics: 

1 Day with 2 tea / coffee breaks and 1 lunch break

Max 8 attendees

2 trainers

Masterclass attendees also receive:

  • Free copy of the book ‘DIY Mediation. The Conflict Resolution Toolkit for HR’
  • Free ‘put it into practice’ mentoring support for 3 months
  • Laminated ‘aide memoire’ of the AGREE model and useful tools
  • Discounted rates on mediation and conflict coaching services

If you’d like us to run an in-house DIY Mediation Masterclass for your team we’d be delighted to discuss this with you.

Feedback from previous Masterclass attendees:

"I enjoyed the interactivity and real work scenarios."

"Fabulous! Informative. Engaging."

"Useful and practical.  Applicable to real life situations."

"Well organised, clear information and well presented."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day - right sized group and balance."

"Role plays were excellent.  Learnt by doing."

"Excellent - very relaxed which encouraged open discussion."

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