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Welcome to our Mediation Infobites series.  We’ve created these videos as bite sized learning to give you an insight into workplace mediation.  Hopefully they will give you the information you need but if you have any further questions we’d love to hear from you.

Infobite - Introduction to Mediation4

The various services that Mediation4 provides.

Infobite 2 - The Principles of Mediation

The key principles that underlie the mediation approach.

Infobite 4 - When to Use Workplace Mediation

When mediation could be the right approach to take and when it is not.

Infobite 6 - What is the Cost of Conflict?

Calculating what conflict costs an organisation.

Infobite 8 - UK Regulatory Context of Mediation

Workplace mediation and its legal framework within the UK.

Infobite 10 - What is DIY Mediation?

What DIY mediation is, how you can use it and how you can learn it.

Infobite 1 - What is Workplace Mediation?

Explaining what workplace mediation is.

Infobite 3 - Why Use Workplace Mediation?

The benefits of workplace mediation.

Infobite 5 - How the Mediation Process Works

The key elements of the mediation process.

Infobite 7 - How Can Mediation Help HR

The various ways mediation can help HR in today's workplace.

Infobite 9 - Workplace Mediation Case Study

A case study based on a real life mediation case.

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