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The videos below are recordings of webinars we have previously run.  Feel free to contact us if you have any queries after watching them.

  • 'Mock Mediation using the DIY Mediation Approach' - Takes you through the 5 stages of the AGREE model, the process which is the basis of DIY Mediation, using a mock mediation to demonstrate the skills and process applied.

  • 'Three Ways to Resolve Workplace Conflict' - A look at how we can resolve workplace conflict and the three ways it can be done, with particular focus on the way which includes informal resolution and mediation.

  • 'Choosing a Workplace Mediation Training Course' - Choosing which workplace mediation training course to go on can be very difficult given the range of choice. This webinar gives some useful tips and refers to our own research into the market for mediation training. 

  • '8 Stages of Workplace Conflict - and how best to resolve each stage' - Based on the ebook by Marc and Kathy Reid, this webinar introduces you to the 8 stages tool which is designed to help you identify the most appropriate intervention at each stage of conflict escalation.

Recorded Webinar - Mock Mediation using the DIY Mediation Approach

Demonstration of DIY Mediation in action using a mock case.

Recorded Webinar - Choosing a Workplace Mediation Training Course

How to go about choosing a mediation training course.

Recorded Webinar - Three Ways to Resolve Workplace Conflict

What are the various options for resolving workplace conflict.

Recorded Webinar - 8 Stages of Workplace Conflict

What are the 8 stages of workplace conflict, and how to resolve them.

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